Martens, BA. pth.

Head of eap assistance
& case management

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Dr Cornelia Martens

Management | CEO

Meaningful work

Welcome to the eap world!

The eap-institut was founded in 2011 by Dr. iur. Cornelia Martens with the vision to actively promote "sense orientation in business" and to offer practical solutions for it. Today, the company is one of the leading eap providers in Austria. 

As a member of the European Association of eap Providers - eaef for short (employee assistance european forum) - the eap institute complies with the Code of Ethics and thus with strict quality guidelines laid down for eap providers. "PDF eaef Code of Ethics

Professionalism, confidentiality and professional qualifications are core values that both companies and clients can rely on without reservation.

For us, holistic eap goes far beyond classic "workplace health promotion" and extends from prevention and meaning-oriented work to the development of a healthy and positive corporate culture.

eap is teamwork

eap has many faces - and different topics. The areas of expertise of our counselling team are as diverse as the concerns of those seeking advice:

Counselling sessions are especially helpful when you can rely on empathy, independence, professionalism and comprehensive confidentiality from your counterpart.

Angelica Scharf

Head of eap wellbeing
& case management
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Eva Kamper, Mag.

Key Account Manager
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Dr Lisbeth Rössel

Head of Personal Advancement
& Preventative Health
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Röhrbacher, BA pth.

Coordinator eap training
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Julia Knogler

Social Media
Marketing Manager
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Andreas Kaiser

Head of Sales
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Lead Counsellor,
Location Baden
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Ulrike Katschnig

Head of eap training, counsellor, innovation assistant
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eap needs many languages

From small challenges or adversities in professional or private life to acute crises - understanding and being understood in conversations works best in the mother tongue. That is why our eap counsellors speak different (mother) languages.


Coordination of the International Advisory Team and foreign language advisory services in Austria:

Marie-Claire Martens, BA. pth. 

The best "motivator

We can learn something from the most successful companies: the best engine for above-average performance is essentially:

Meaningful work

The Viennese doctor Viktor E. Frankl already pointed this out in the first half of the last century: Man strives above all for meaning in life. When he has found his personal meaning, he is capable, committed and also able to work under pressure.

"There is nothing in the world that so empowers a person to overcome external difficulties or internal discomfort as the awareness of having a purpose in life."

Viktor E. Frankl

eap successfully in use - excerpt from the customer list

We adapt our eap packages of measures individually to the needs and size of your company - regardless of whether it is a small, medium-sized or large enterprise. For example, these companies use eap successfully.

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Our eap concepts are meaning- and solution-oriented. Employees have their heads free for work, and their private lives become more relaxed and fulfilling.

In addition to professional counselling services, we offer with our online platform we offer additional services for physical and mental health.

Are you thinking of offering free support to your employees as well? Then contact us.

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As a member, we are committed to the eaef Code of Ethics.