Do you have a concern on your mind?
Use the free online or telephone consultation for more quality in your professional and private life. All consultants are subject to the legal duty of confidentiality.
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No matter whether health, professional or personal issues - together we will find answers and an optimal solution. Contact us!

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Professional advice in all life situations

Talk is golden. We at the EAP Institute are convinced of this from experience. Even a single conversation with an "outsider" can have a positive effect.

Do you have a concern on your mind? Our professional consulting team is ready to help you in word and deed.

From person to person
From small challenges or adversities in professional or private life to acute crises, a solution-oriented conversation at eye level is always good for you. All the more so when you can rely on empathy, independence, professionalism and comprehensive confidentiality from your counterpart.


Why talk about it?
A Chinese saying goes: Worries are like storm clouds - they appear black in the distance, gray above us. Through a counseling session, you bring your concerns into the here and now. Often you will quickly discover that the sun is already shining here and there and that a thunderstorm is completely absent. And should it come to one nevertheless: A thunderstorm cleans the air and leaves behind fertile ground.


Life is colorful ...
... and so are the concerns that are brought to us. Our large team of consultants is made up of various professions, so that we can assist you in all situations in life. Whether mental, health, social or financial issues - together we try to find an optimal solution.


Why does this service cost nothing?
The EAP Institute has been commissioned by your employer and is also paid a flat rate by the employer.


Will my employer find out?
Every consultation is 100% anonymous and confidential. Your employer does not receive any information about whether a consultation has taken place. Information about the content of the consulting and coaching sessions will also not be passed on. Feedback to your company is provided exclusively in the form of a standardized quality report.


We speak many languages
We mean that both literally and figuratively: Whatever topic is bothering you - take up our free offer of telephone or online counseling (up to 6 sessions per counseling topic) and we will support you in many languages of this world. You will see, it is worth it.


Possible consulting topics at a glance

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Contact us! We are here for you.

Unbureaucratic, anonymous and preventive.

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  • Work stress/workload
  • Professional crises
  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • Overstraining situations
  • Dynamics of change
  • Professional reorientation
  • Burnout
  • and much more.


  • Dealing with stress & overload
  • Mental fitness, stress resistance
  • Everyday worries
  • Exhaustion, burnout
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Emergencies, crisis intervention
  • and much more.


  • Individual advice
  • Consultation of the environment
  • Therapy planning and therapy mediation
  • and much more.
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Professional difficulties do not stop at private life and vice versa. Our counseling and coaching services are therefore available around the clock to all employees and their immediate family members.

  • Family and partnership - conflict resolution
  • Separation, new partnerships, life in patchwork families
  • Children and adolescents - developmental crises
  • Educational problems
  • Personal development
  • Life situation coaching
  • Self-management
  • Family burdens
  • and much more.

All consultations are absolutely confidential and anonymous. Appointment under