What are the benefits of eap for employees?

Free support in all situations

Talk is golden. We are convinced of this. Even a single conversation with an outsider can have a positive effect and reveal helpful solutions. 

All counselling is 100% anonymous and confidential. Employers do not receive any information about whether counselling has taken place or what was discussed.

Whether mental, health, social or financial issues - together we find answers and an optimal solution. Once companies have signed a contract with us, employees seeking advice can take advantage of our support and counselling services free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

on eap consultations

As part of the eap introduction, employees receive all contact details (telephone & e-mail) and information on how they can make use of counseling services. Our crisis hotline is available around the clock. Those seeking advice receive support from our experienced experts immediately after contacting us. If an immediate solution is not possible, the "right" counselor will contact you to make an appointment or to arrange further steps (meeting on site, by video or phone, etc.).

In any case, we accompany employees until the problem is solved.

We have contact persons for every request, who are committed to finding a suitable solution with a great deal of know-how and experience.

Counselling sessions can take place in various ways by appointment:

In acute situations, our experts can be reached via a free telephone hotline around the clock (24/7).

Employees can take advantage of 6 sessions (hours) per counseling topic

Yes, 100 %! All counsellors are subject to legal confidentiality. Under no circumstances will personal data, appointments or conversations be passed on to the employer. All data is handled in accordance with the DSGVO and is only processed and stored to the extent required for the counselling process. If desired, counselling sessions can take place anonymously or under a pseudonym.

Counselling sessions work best when they can be conducted in the mother tongue. Therefore, we offer the following languages:

  •  Arabic
  •  Bulgarian 
  •  German

Basically, any problem can be discussed. From small challenges or adversities in professional or private life to acute crises. The concerns of those seeking advice are very diverse and can be of a mental, health, social or financial nature.

Professional difficulties do not stop at private life and vice versa. That is why even the closest family members living in the same household can take advantage of the counselling and coaching services.


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