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What is management consultancy?

"The activity of management consultants consists in the comprehensive analysis of organizations or their environment, the development of solution approaches and their possible implementation through consulting, execution and intervention, as well as in the management of consulting and communication processes within organizations and vis-à-vis the market." - So much for the official definition. 

eap consulting is characterized by the holistic way in which we view and accompany companies. Isolated individual measures often do not lead to the desired success. In the long run, many challenges can only be mastered "across departments" and with a focus on the entire organization. We adapt our approach, methods and tools individually to the needs of each company. 

Consultancy fields

target-oriented. holistic. needs-oriented.

We work in different sectors and company sizes. In doing so, we always look beyond the end of our nose. Experience has shown us that sustainable success is more successful when all areas of a company are taken into account.

Evaluation of mental workloads (ASchG amendment)
Strategic corporate management
Optimisation of business processes
Human Resources (HR)
Marketing & Sales
Internal structures
Environmental management
Business mediation
Change Management

Framework conditions

for meaningful successful positive good productive create work

Satisfied employees are more productive, more loyal and less sick. They are more motivated when they feel their skills and experience are a good fit for what they do every day. More money is often not the key to success in keeping people in the company. A positive working atmosphere and appreciation are more effective in creating joy at work.

Companies can be centres for the philosophy of "New Work" and accompany their employees on their way to a meaningful working life through free counselling and coaching opportunities - absolutely confidential and sustainable for all involved. 

With our holistic approach, we support you in creating the right framework conditions for successful and positive work.

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Paths are created by walking them.