What are the advantages of eap and who benefits from it?
External staff counselling is equally worthwhile for all
involved and efficiently counteracts increasing psychological stress.
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Resilient - even in stormy times
A strong and stable foundation is based on deep and unshakable trust in oneself. Then it can also withstand stormy times.
eap compactly explained

What is eap?

Why it makes sense to use eap

Factors influencing stress, such as stress at work, can be of both a personal and a company nature. But external factors, such as uncertain economic situations, also unsettle employees and can overburden individuals.

Employees who bring private worries into the company or who have difficulties with colleagues or superiors at work are negatively influenced in their performance. Costs for the company are only one of the consequences.

The situation in the area of mental illness at work has deteriorated noticeably worldwide. The Austrian health insurance funds have been sounding the alarm for some time now: the proportion of insured persons with sick leave due to mental health impairments has risen dramatically in recent years.

Therefore, the influencing factors and the associated illness costs for mental problems and behavioural disorders are already in the billions today. If one includes the employees who take medication under stress and thus appear impaired at work, the overall economic costs are even up to twice as high.

Frequently asked questions

on the Employee Assistance Program

The possibility to solve a conflict at an early stage, to prevent a problem from getting out of hand or to reduce stress situations increases the performance and satisfaction of the employees. At the same time, operational costs (absenteeism costs, etc.) are reduced. eap is primarily intended as a health prevention measure and starts before a conflict arises, before excessive demands or problems lead to psychological stress and cause absenteeism costs for the company. eap is also efficient in crises and acute cases, when employees need to be supported quickly and competently and thus relieved immediately.

With targeted occupational health management and innovative concepts for health promotion, companies can efficiently counteract increasing mental stress. The mental health of employees is maintained and promoted. Preventive concepts also have the effect of maintaining or increasing working conditions and employee satisfaction at a high level. Productivity and quality of work are optimised in the medium to long term and the absenteeism rate is kept low.

In order to ensure solution-oriented counselling throughout the company, employers purchase their customised eap for workplace health promotion and pay a fixed amount per employee per month. The employees thus have the possibility to come for counselling without the employer knowing about it.

Discreetly and confidentially, a solution is worked out immediately and from the first contact. Companies that provide this external employee counselling for their employees receive a special hotline for all cases.

This makes it easier for those affected to make use of the eap service, as a stressed employee does not have to apply for counselling beforehand, but the services have already been provided by the employer. Another positive factor is that counselling does not take place at the workplace but externally. This ensures anonymity and confidentiality.

Not only the entire staff, but also all relatives from the household of the respective employees can make use of eap counselling services in order to defuse or relieve problematic situations in families. Absolute confidentiality is always the highest principle.

Since employers do not know whether and with what issues employees come for counselling, eap is far better accepted as an external contact point than offers from in-house counsellors. Dealing responsibly with employees and their mental health thus consolidates the sustainable success of the company. Qualitative performance reports provide companies with an overview of the measures taken and can thus identify problematic areas in the company more quickly.

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How is external employee counselling introduced?

4 steps to your individual eap

Step 1

Decision for eap in the company

Yes, we want eap!

Management & leadership recognise the advantages & benefits of external employee counselling and decide to introduce it company-wide.

Step 2

Analysis, conception & offer

eap made to measure

Once company-specific requirements, scope and goals have been defined, the individual eap package of measures is put together, calculated and contractually agreed.

Step 3

Organise (internal) communication

eap is here!

All employees, managers and their relatives learn what eap is and how they can use it for themselves through all available channels. We support you with know-how, information material and eap presentations on site or online.

Step 4

Regular reporting & performance measurement

eap is running ...

The responsible persons find out how well things are going by means of regular reports that inform them about the number and topics of the consultations, whereby the anonymity of the staff members and data protection are strictly preserved.

Advantages & benefits of eap

External employee counselling pays off for all involved

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Solution-oriented consulting

Employees, managers and relatives living in the same household can get professional support early and discreetly.

Work & Profession
Family & Partnership
Personal topics
Physical health
Mental health
Family service
Crises & Emergencies
Legal & Finances

eap compactly explained

A good balance ...
... between leisure and work life as well as a healthy lifestyle are not so easy to achieve for many people. Dr. Cornelia Martens, Managing Director of the eap institute, answers many questions about eap - the Employee Assistance Program - in this video.

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Solution-oriented and anonymous counselling for health, professional and private challenges.



Individual seminars, workshops and further training - both for employees and managers.



Analysis in advance, development of eap concepts, counselling and evaluation of psychological workloads.



Selected offers around your personal well-being promote health, satisfaction and motivation.