Less sick leave
eap is a sustainable investment, as downtime can be significantly reduced.
External advice pays off
Recognise potentials
How high are your costs due to non-performed services and employee absences?
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Why companies benefit from eap

Success factor "healthy workforce

Professional, but also personal challenges have an impact on the psyche and performance of employees. Conflicts in the private sphere are taken to the workplace and cause high costs through a drop in concentration or performance, lack of motivation, absenteeism and possibly even long-term illness. 

Companies that provide their employees with eap (employee assistance programme) fulfil their social mandate, act preventively and thus also economically, as valuable human resources are retained, strengthened and promoted within the company. 

Healthy employees are motivated, loyal and productive. They are among the most important success factors of an organisation and bring about significant competitive advantages.

eap is an effective, sustainable and well-plannable investment that benefits companies and their employees alike.

eap.world Advantages & Benefits

for companies

As the first Austrian member of the European Association of eap Providers - EAEF for short (Employee Assistance European Forum) - we fulfil the standardised guidelines and service offerings that every eap provider should have.

"Members of EAEF are required to comply with the EAEF Code of Ethics and applicable local and European Union law."

Further information can be found here: EAEF - Employee Assistance European Forum

  • Our counsellors have academic or equivalent qualifications in their respective fields and have many years of experience: psychotherapy, psychology, legal counselling, mediation, management counselling, life and social counselling.

  • Worldwide counselling centres; counselling can take place in person, by telephone or online. If necessary, we also offer counselling in foreign languages.

  • We are available to your company's employees from 0:00-24:00 via a toll-free crisis hotline.

  • Special offers for managers, family service, crisis intervention

  • Information website, eap app incl. chat function, information material

  • Regular reporting


Our special eap software solution complies with current data protection and security standards. The performance reports generated from this provide information - anonymised - on the number of counselling hours spent and highlight situations and aspects in the company that can be optimised.

To ensure that the eap offer is used by the workforce, confidentiality and anonymity are very important and are therefore fixed components of the contract between us and the commissioning company.


Multinational companies can make eap measures available at any of their locations. Due to our worldwide networking, cultural aspects or even language diversity are taken into account.


In order to achieve the best possible success for all parties involved, we work closely with various departments - management, human resources (HR) as well as with existing in-house counselling services, such as company doctors or company psychologists.

Our eap packages are tailored to the needs and requirements of the respective company. This also applies to the size of the company. Thus, our offer is not only aimed at large corporations, but also at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for which workplace health promotion is a concern.


We support companies that are confronted with a specific issue or want to set a certain focus with a diverse range of advisory services and workshops:

  • Burnout prophylaxis
  • Resilience strengthening
  • Meaning orientation as a leader and as an employee:in
  • Healthy leadership
  • Intercultural counselling
  • Multiple burdens for women
  • Special training such as dealing with dementia

Find out more at eap training.

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What does eap mean?

Dr Cornelia Martens, Managing Director of the eap institute in an interview

eap compactly explained

A good balance ...
... between leisure and work life as well as a healthy lifestyle are not so easy to achieve for many people. Dr. Cornelia Martens, Managing Director of the eap institute, answers many questions about eap - the Employee Assistance Program - in this video.

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External employee counselling

worthwhile for companies and employees alike

How is eap introduced in companies?

4 steps to your individual eap

Step 1

Decision for eap in the company

Yes, we want eap!

Management & leadership recognise the advantages & benefits of external employee counselling and decide to introduce it company-wide.

Step 2

Analysis, conception & offer

eap made to measure

Once company-specific requirements, scope and goals have been defined, the individual eap package of measures is put together, calculated and contractually agreed.

Step 3

Organise (internal) communication

eap is here!

All employees, managers and their relatives learn what eap is and how they can use it for themselves through all available channels. We support you with know-how and information material.

Step 4

Regular reporting & performance measurement

eap is running ...

The responsible persons find out how well things are going by means of regular reports that inform them about the number and topics of the consultations, whereby the anonymity of the staff members and data protection are strictly preserved.

eap diversity

eap is a multifaceted support and advisory service that always adapts to the requirements of the respective company and offers numerous possibilities in practical implementation.

Actively promote health
Reduce downtime costs
Combine work & family
Mastering change
Coping better with crises
Improve communication
Increase satisfaction
Reduce conflicts
Consider work-life balance
Strengthening leaders
Promote a healthy lifestyle
Enhance reputation
Optimise internal processes
Improve working atmosphere
Prevent burnout

Facts & Info

Evaluation of mental stress

What does the evaluation of mental stress at the workplace mean?

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (ASchG) provides, among other things, for the obligation to evaluate workplaces. This means the identification and assessment of hazards by the employer and the determination of measures to avoid them.

In the course of the evaluation, the employer must - as in the past - determine both work-related physical and mental stresses that lead to misuse.

Companies must recognise working conditions that are detrimental to the workplace and take targeted measures to counteract them.

In the course of the evaluation, it is therefore necessary to check whether there are any work-related physical and mental stresses that can lead to misuse. Subsequently, measures must be taken to relieve the strain.

We offer companies the evaluation of mental stress - as provided for by law since 1.1.2013, including consultation in advance. For more information, please contact us! info@eap-institut.at
Stanford calculator

How high are your costs due to services not provided?
Use the Stanford formula to determine your default costs.

Stanford University in California is conducting studies in the field of health management on, among other things, absenteeism costs due to reduced performance or non-performance by employees as a result of physiological and psychological stress.

The Stanford formula was developed from the results of these studies. This formula is based on the assumption that 20% of employees are on average 25% less productive due to stresses, worries and hardships. These absenteeism costs are often not taken into account.


Please contact us if you would like to calculate the downtime costs for your company: info@eap-institut.at
Research & Studies

The cost-effectiveness of eap is well documented in studies.
Publications or studies on current eap research can be sent to you on request.

  • "The impact of employee assistance services on workplace outcomes: results from a prospective, quasi-experimental study."

  • "Meta-analysis: presenting the current state of research on the effectiveness of EAP interventions" - more

  • "Employee counseling/EAP: an effective approach to preventing psychological
    Diseases? Results of an accompanying study at John Deere" - more

Please contact us:

eap modules at a glance



Solution-oriented and anonymous counselling for health, professional and private challenges.



Individual seminars, workshops and further training - both for employees and managers.



Analysis in advance, development of eap concepts, counselling and evaluation of psychological workloads.



Selected offers around your personal well-being promote health, satisfaction and motivation.