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Training is one of the most important benefits that employers can offer their employees. A study now shows that employees do not take up training primarily because they hope to advance their careers, but because they are personally interested and enjoy it.


Why is continuing education becoming more and more important?

Further education is important for all people who want to develop professionally and in their personality. Only those who are up to date in languages, technical progress, rhetoric, personality and many other areas can secure the best jobs.

eap workshop topics at a glance

Promote resources, skills and competences

Do you also want to bring your company and your employees to the next level? Our workshops are tailored to your needs and can take place as (short) online webinars, directly in the company or in a seminar hotel. We will advise you in advance, in detail and without obligation, on which topics and event forms are most suitable and valuable for your company.

Diversity and inclusion

Disruption and New Work

Mental health

"Wellbeing" - healthy on all levels

Healthy leadership

Team building, mediations

Economy, work and the question of meaning

Why do I work? - Joy in my work!

Resilience and burnout prevention

My relative has dementia

Woman-mother-job or the creative way of juggling

Organizational development

Certification workshop "Mental Health Mentor" (MHM)

This further training programme is aimed at people in key positions in companies who want to support their colleagues as direct contact persons in cases of mental stress.

In line with the changes in an increasingly fragmented, crisis-prone and pressure-filled working world, these key employees have the task of reflecting on and reducing the stress and strain factors of the employees entrusted to them, as well as to be attentive in helping to shape a burnout-preventive corporate culture.

Target group

Managers and key staff (HR, works council function, crisis team) who want to expand their support competences in the sense of "Mental Health Mentoring".


This certification programme can be conducted in-house or as an open programme (participants from different companies).



Open programme: € 950,00 per participant:in

In-house total price (8-12 persons): Price on request(info@eap-institut.at)

Dates & Place

Please write to info@eap-institut.at if you wish to be informed in this regard.


Dr. Cornelia Martens
Founder and Managing Director of the EAP Institute, Executive Coach (within the framework of the EAP Institute), Management Consultant, Mediator, Dipl. Psychological Consultant, Lecturer at the EALP-European Academy for Logotherapy and Psychology


Dr Lisbeth Rössel
Awareness Medicine & Revitalisation, Counselling & WS Facilitation of the EAP Institute

Positive Leadership

The PERMA-LEAD®model

Do you know whether your leaders enable positive emotions in the team, promote individual commitment, create sustainable relationships, convey meaning in the work, make achievements visible or lead in a strength-oriented way?

Are employees able to develop their full potential and contribute their individual strengths thanks to their team leaders or supervisors?

perma lead logo a

Focus on strengths

The range of models on positive leadership or leadership models with similar approaches is currently large and they all focus on the aspect of strengths orientation.

Since it is important for us to work with a model that is easy to apply in practice and at the same time evidence-based, i.e. supported by scientific research, we at the EAP Institute work with the PERMA-LEAD® model by Prof. Ebner, which is based on current research in positive psychology as well as leadership research by Prof. Seligman.

With this concept and the evidence-based procedures, we can measure the specific leadership style as well as the extent to which leaders enable their employees to develop their potential and contribute their strengths to the company.

By asking about specific behaviours, we can map the extent to which the manager is

  • Enable positive emotions in their employees
  • Promotes individual commitment
  • creates sustainable relationships
  • Conveying meaning in work
  • Making achievements visible
  • strength-oriented leads

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